Buyer’s Guide

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make.  Choosing the right Realtor is crucial.  While there are thousands of Realtors in the Valley, not all are full time or take this career seriously.  Below are tips on buying a home.

Finding a Property

Location, location, location. There are several key items to take into consideration when finding a home.  Be sure to review the schools nearby and proximity to work.  You may or may not want to be close to freeways.  Wherever you buy the home is primarily where you will be spending time in.  So check for parks, grocery stores, and entertainment that you want to be close to.

Negotiating a Purchase

Just because a house is for sale at certain price point doesn’t mean it’s worth that price.  A good Realtor will run comps to verify the sales price of the home is fair.  You definitely want a Realtor who’s willing to negotiate on your behalf to get you the BEST deal possible!


The Purchase Process

Here are the steps on how the purchase process works:

  1. Choose the right Realtor
  2. Get Pre-Qualified
  3. Set criteria for the home you want and start shopping for a home
  4. Submit & negotiate an offer
  5. Deposit earnest money
  6. 10 day inspection period starts once the contract is executed
  7. Order the appraisal on the home
  8. Lender has the file in underwriting for final loan approval
  9. Any agreed to repairs will be scheduled and completed by the seller prior to close of escrow - if applicable
  10. Do a final walk-through of the home
  11. Sign at title company
  12. Meet your Realtor at the property and get the keys